Sing Camp: Important Dates!

  • Wednesday, July 12th — WACKY Wednesday! — CRAZY SOCK DAY!
  • Wednesday, July 19th — WACKY Wednesday! — CRAZY MISMATCHED OUTFIT DAY!
  • Thursday, July 20th — BIG Event: Lip Sync Battle and Sing Performance! (For campers only – we’ll video tape for parents!)
  • Thursday, July 20th — SING PJ Party! (5-8pm) — register in advance online!

Pokemon Camp: Important Dates!

  • Monday, June 26th — First Day of Summer Camp!
  • Wednesday, June 28th — WACKY Wednesday! — CRAZY HAIR DAY!
  • Tuesday, July 4th — Closed for Independence Day
  • Wednesday, July 5th — WACKY Wednesday! — WEAR REDWHITE AND BLUE DAY!
  • Thursday, July 6th — BIG Event: POKE BALL HUNT in Lincoln Park!
  • Thursday, July 6th — Pokemon PJ Party! (5-8pm) — register in advance online!